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February 2015

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The days are drawing out and indications of spring are emerging.  John Lea writes that on January 3rd, although it was cold and wet, he noticed that ‘the daffodils had already pushed up their periscopes to survey the prospects for the new year; that a greater spotted woodpecker was drumming on a dead bough in a tall oak                  enthusiastically marking out his territory for the coming year and a hen blackbird was taking a vigorous bird bath.’  Although today it is cold and snowy, in a  sheltered corner by our fence there are white buds on the snowdrops.  These lovely signs give us much cheer.
It was pleasing to hear that Alison had  received quite a good response to her    appeal for information about villagers in the First World War.  Do keep more details    coming in.  It was heartening to see the list of young men from the village who served and returned.  Photographs and letters bring us closer to the people who lived through that terrible war.  John Lea tells an        interesting story of his father who in 1916, reaching the age of 18, walked with two other farm boys from Holmes Chapel to Chester to enlist.  The queue was so long that his father bribed an enlisting soldier to let them go to the head of the line.
When they were interviewed, they were told, ‘You farm boys will be more use to the country back on your farms.’  They had to walk back from Chester to Holmes Chapel, arriving in the early hours of the morning.  The officer was right too, for a shortage of food became a real problem in the latter part of the war.  Vera Brittain writes about how grim life had become by 1918.  The film adaptation of her Testament of Youth will make affective viewing when it is released later this month.



Mr John Buckingham has sent the following request for information about residents of Gawsworth at the beginning of the last century.  He writes:

My question has arisen since talking to my 93 year old mother in law who  remembers visiting with her mum and dad an aunt and uncle on a farm near the school at Gawsworth.They were called Barton and had apparently adopted my mother in law's mum, who was a close relative, and brought her up as their own.

All we know is that Elizabeth Barton was at some time after her birth in Jan 1890 at      Gawsworth with her aunt and uncle and that she was enrolled at the School of Art Maccesfield in Oct 1909 aged 19.She moved south and married in 1917 in Essex.Any help would be appreciated.

John Buckingham’s email address is jebucki@btinternet.com.  Please contact him direct if you can help.  If you do not have a computer, please send me any information for him and I shall send it on.
Barbara Wilson



To help remember Gawsworth soldiers from WW1.
As previously mentioned in the Parish magazine, information is still required for the WW1 Exhibition on Saturday 7th November 2015 at the Scout Hall, Gawsworth.  Your Soldiers need YOU to help us remember them- Lest we forget. 

So far, I have received some wonderful information from descendants of a few  Gawsworth soldiers, ie how one soldier was a Prisoner of War for two and half years, how his family thought he had died, and the happy ending of his return.  How friends from Gawsworth all enlisted together and extractions from war diaries. Subsequently I continue to track down other soldiers’ families, but it is harder than I first envisaged, as many folks have moved away.  However, I now have further names to add to the previous list, that you may have information about. You may have hidden away under your bed or in the back of a cupboard, old photos, stories, newspaper articles, or anything to help me keep their memories alive.

Names on War Memorial:
Samuel Bayley, Frederick Ridgway, John Nixon, John Hargreaves, George Buxton, William Hudson,
James Johnson, William Torkington, George Bennett, Fred Trueman,
and Arthur Swindells.

Names in Church Yard:
Leornard Hickson

New Additional names who survived WW1

Harry Allibone, Arthur Chappell, Frank Chappell, Frank Coppock, Harry Coppock, John Clayton, Robert Bernard Cornwell, William Cockitt,  Private Evart, James Fisher, Frank Forster, Richard Foster, Fred Gosling, Leonard Hague ,Reginald Horobin, Percy Jackson, Thomas Jacob, Edward Johnson  F Johnson, H Lomas, Percy Lomas, Charlie Lomas, Cedrick Lomas, Joseph     Lomas, Fred Lucas, Donald MacDonald, Archie MacDonald, Jim MacDonald, John MacDonald, John Marshall, William Massey, Joseph Massey, Joseph Mycock, George Oliver, Harold Percival, CE Postles, John Pixton,  Hamo Thornycroft, F Thornycroft,

Let’s get the Gawsworth Soldiers on the map!  Do you know anyone that maybe related to these people?

If so, please contact me.  Many Thanks.

A Newton 01260 297512



The new year started marvellously for our W.I. group with no fewer than nine guests attending their first meeting.  Member numbers were dwindling in 2014 and we sincerely hope the newcomers will choose to join us and secure the future of Gawsworth W.I.

No less than £6,500 was raised by the St James’ Church Christmas Tree Exhibition;  many thanks to Margaret Partington who kindly offered to decorate our tree as    Jennifer Hardman had urgent family matters.  Sue Davenport is taking on the      position of Cloud Group Rep. much to the relief of Joyce Thornicroft who can now retire knowing that the role is in safe hands.

Ten tickets for the Centenary Lunch on 1st July at the Swettenham Arms were snapped up immediately at £22 each.
Joyce also relinquished Outings Organiser to Jackie Earles who enthusiastically suggested no fewer than four trips: 17 March, Chester shopping or theatre; 22 May, t.b.a.; 21 July, all day mystery trip; 4 September, Harrogate for W.I. Exhibition.  More details will be available in February.

Byron Machin enthralled us with his encyclopaedic knowledge of orchids in the Peak District.  He has spent five years on his hands and knees mapping the  appearance (and disappearance) of these gorgeous wild flowers, some picked to near extinction by ignorant collectors.  Byron, a teacher by profession, is a talented photographer and displayed a stunning collection of flowers, wildlife and scenic shots taken in and around the High Peak. His enthusiasm was infectious and we all agreed to take more interest in our surroundings when out for a walk!

Hilda Bowler was the sole entrant of the competition, winning three points with a pretty collage of bare trees in a snowy landscape.

Next meeting: Tuesday 3rd February at 7.30pm; speaker, The Trials and  Tribulations of a Wardrobe Mistress; competition, a fashion accessory.

Don’t forget our lunches, craft days, film and book clubs and, if you have any suggestions for activities, please make them known to a committee member for consideration.

Lorinda Sutton
Press Secretary




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