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January 2015

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Now the weather has reverted to normal and we have had sharp frosts the birds have returned to our garden feeders and John Lea notes that they are raiding the berries on his garden bushes in much greater numbers.  I almost felt sorry for the squirrels that were searching around under the feeders for any little scraps that the birds had dislodged.  I had to give up feeding peanuts because the squirrels were so ingenious in bringing down the containers to get at the nuts;  after investing in three ‘squirrel-proof’ devices I had to come to the conclusion that squirrels are one jump ahead of  humans in that context.

Did any of you see the Geminid meteor showers?  It is amazing how awe inspiring is the sight of a falling star.  This year we had clear skies on some of the nights when the numbers were at their greatest.
Congratulations are due to the team at church who organised the wonderfully  successful Christmas Tree Festival.  Well done to them all.

May I please ask our readers to make a New Year’s resolution?  Please send any interesting pieces of information about the village, its history and natural history for inclusion in the Village Diary.  I am sure there is so much going on that I do not hear about and which other readers would find interesting.
Best wishes to you all for a happy and healthy New Year.


Dear Fellow Parishioners

Wanted: Information on Gawsworthfrom The Great War.

For an exhibition potentially next year, I am researching soldiers who participated in the First World War who lived in Gawsworth.  If you had relatives or know of anyone who could assist me with this project, it would be much appreciated if you could call me or pass my contact details on.
I already have the names of the men from the War Memorial and the names from St James’s Church grave yard, but continue to search for more information,for those who either survived or died during this period.

 Names on War Memorial:
Samuel Bayley, Frederick Ridgway, John Nixon, John Hargreaves, George Buxton, William Hudson, James Johnson, William Torkington, George Bennett, Fred Trueman, and Arthur Swindells.

Church Yard:
Leornard Hickson

Mainly I am looking for names, Army details, where they lived, photographs, newspaper articles,back home, or any items of interest that I could potentially use, with consent, for the exhibition on Gawsworth’s First World War Soldiers

 A Newton 01260 297512



A huge thank you to the groups and individuals who sponsored trees, and to ALL who helped in the production and running of the Christmas Tree Festival.
The Festival was very successful and we benefitted greatly from the visitors to the Yuletide at Gawsworth Hall, who then came to the Church and the Church Hall.
We are very grateful to Tim and Liz Richards for sending out our festival flyers with their promotional literature, and to all the dedicated helpers who spent many hours in the Church Hall and Church to raise the magnificent total of £6,626 for church funds.



9th November 2014

The final total collected in the two Poppy Tins at our local community shop amounted to £147.67p, an amazing amount



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