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Welcome to Gawsworth Village.
February 2016

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The cold snap seems to be over and we are back to the milder, wetter pattern that has predominated this winter.  The snowdrops have been out for a couple of weeks in the sheltered corners and the wild crocuses, that are colonising our  gardens locally, are popping up in the flower beds and lawns.  Carole  Townshend reports that the hawthorn buds are swelling and John Lea says that some of his garden shrubs are in flower.  Mostly they are imported varieties and he is not surprised that they are responding to the warmer temperatures, which must be similar to the ones to which they were originally adapted, but he is surprised to note that some of our native wild flowers such as cowslips and daisies are also flowering.

John has also observed that the availability of insects in this mild winter,  providing unseasonable food for the birds, has not prevented them from eating most of the hedgerow and woodland berries.  The recent cold snap brought a large flock of goldfinches to his garden feeders.  He has noticed that rabbits have been disturbed from their snug burrows and assumes that the stoat, of whose activities we heard last month, is still on the hunt.  He and Celia are hoping that some of their fritillaries will be allowed to survive and flower this year as the rabbits usually graze them right down to the ground.
The pantomime was great fun this year.  I liked the ending where the ‘baddie’ reformed and became a ‘goodie’.  It is pleasant to see how the pantomime draws people of all ages together to pool their skills and produce such an appealing show for the village.

Jackie Earles, whose energetic trip to Iceland with the Living with Max group was featured in Lorraine Kelly’s ITV breakfast programme, is back in England.  She was a member of a group of women who were challenged to undertake   activities that improved their strength and stamina.  Jackie has been busy on her return, travelling to London and getting together with two other ladies from Cheshire, to complete the follow up on the project but has promised to let us have an article for the February issue
Barbara Wilson


The Parish Council meets on the second Tuesday every month in the committee room of the village hall with time set aside at each meeting for residents to raise comments, questions or concerns with the council.
At our January meeting, PCSO Julia Short provided a report of issues over the past months including a number of road traffic collisions. There had been a number of poaching issues and the public are requested to be vigilant and report any suspicious vehicles to the police.
The installation of our new table tennis table in the park has been delayed due to the wet weather, but we hope to have it installed soon. We have also arranged a programme of winter gritting to reach the parts of the Parish which Cheshire East Council misses.

Neighbourhood Plan
Following the public meeting held in October,the Parish Council is now leading on the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for Gawsworth. We have established an advisory committee to lead on the Neighbourhood Plan which  includes a number of members of the public.
Cheshire East Council is consulting on the “neighbourhood area” for our plan, which will be the Parish of Gawsworth.
If you want to find out more about the Gawsworth Neighbourhood Plan on the Parish Council website under the new Neighbourhood Plan section!

Strategic Plan
The Parish Council is developing a strategic plan to guide our work over the next five years. Our emerging priorities include making the Parish tidier, improving the woodland and developing a Neighbourhood Plan. If you have an idea of what the Parish Council should be doing, please let us know.

Parish Improvements
The Council is keen to hear from residents on their views of what areas in the  Parish need improvement, whether it’s a grot spot that needs clearing or dirty signs. We shall be looking at utilising the Community Payback to undertake work in the Parish – so let the Clerk know of any areas we need to look at.
Adam Keppel-Garner
Clerk to the Parish Council




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