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Welcome to Gawsworth Village.
August 2015

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John Lea comments on how enjoyable the North Rode Church Garden Open Day had been.  Two of his visitors reported that, when walking along the Woodside, they had seen a lapwing fighting off a carrion crow.  Last month John wrote about the danger to lapwing chicks from crows and this incident reminded him that the danger to young lapwings continues until they can fly strongly, also that young birds of the field nesting species are particularly vulnerable to attacks from crows.

Those of you who are hoping for a better broadband service in the village may remember that they received an email from us telling them that BT would be sending a representative to the Village Meeting and also asking them to register an interest with Virgin who are looking for districts to which they could extend their broadband service.  Matthew Hartley tells me that we are not able to discover if Virgin are considering our village us as they give no interim reports.  He is not very hopeful that Virgin would find providing fibre optic cables beyond the Rising Sun box as a viable project;  the costs of replacing the existing copper cables, or even discovering where they are laid, that are discouraging Open Reach would apply equally to any other provider.  He did, however, send me the following statement:

‘The Gawsworth digital champions have been working with varied local broadband providers to find innovative ways to improve internet performance in the village;  one provider in particular is very excited about the challenge ahead and is keen to help bring super-fast broadband to Gawsworth’.   


Saturday August 29th  11.00 - 4.30pm
Sunday   August 30th  12.00 - 4.30pm
Monday   August 31st  11.00 - 4.30pm

Teas, Bric-a-Brac and Second-Hand books
Donations required for the above, please NO electrical equipment

Helpers required for teas throughout the days

Saturday 29th August  1.00 - 4.30pm
Monday   31st August  11.00 - 4.30pm
Jane Robertson
Contact 01625 267342



We are now on our way to producing the 2016 panto in the village, for the village and by the village........
Our meeting in July brought many people forward to not only appear on stage but to help in many of the other necessary ways.
Audition date is Wednesday August 12 at the Methodist Hall at 7pm. BUT if you are on holiday then  we will allow you to audition on Thursday September 3rd at the Methodist Hall at 7pm.
Audition forms are in the shop and have to be returned to be by 8 August.
Many scripts were given out at the meeting but if  you do not have one please contact me – 01625 428358 – and I will arrange for one to get to you.
If you missed the July meeting do not worry , contact me , and I will let you script and audition notes etc
I am looking forward to an enjoyable time preparing for the show and an even better time in January next year presenting it
I am only directing the players – I am pleased to state that Val Horan has agreed to be the overall producer boss lady !
Don Riseley


In Memory of Ivor Townshend
Since my husbands death in 2011 I have been selling his large collection of pottery in aid of the McMillan Oncology Trust at Macclesfield Hospital.  In addition to this I have also been asking people to donate money in exchange for garden produce at the gate. I have just handed over a cheque for £600 which is the total generously donated by everyone to date. 
The Oncology Trust was overwhelmed by the amount and I would like to thank everyone who has donated in any way by buying pots or produce and I am assured that the money will be put to good use locally.
With grateful thanks to you all ~ Carole Townshend

R Carole Townshend
Tel: 01260 224451
Mobile: 07753 271294


The Macclesfield Sheep Dog Concert
Sunday 9th August 2015
Sutton Hall trials field at 7.30pm

An Evening of Music and Laughter

Terry Cotta (Guest comedian)
By popular demand Norman Prince
Roger Troman (Elton John Tribute)

Tickets £12.50                           BAR & BBQ

Tickets available from 

I Nixon – 01260 226542        
V Clampett - 01260 223333


 Magazine Printing—Can YOU Help
Perhaps many people do not realise that the monthly Parish & Village News
has for many years been printed by Mike & Marj, who until recently lived in Gawsworth.
Now, due to a house move to Meerbrook,  they have realised that it will not be practicable for them to continue, so we are now hoping to find somebody to take over the monthly print run.

Mike usually manages to print the 350 or so copies in an evening, using our new laser printer.  The only costs involved would be your time - the printer and all paper & materials are provided.

If you might be prepared to help and would like to know more details, please in the first instance, contact Jane Robertson (01625-267-342)




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